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  • 2019-10-31

Getting the basics right with travelcenter.africa®

To All Travel Agency Owners and Managers...

You all know that if the foundation of your business falters, its stability, growth and very existence are in jeopardy.

Eroding your profit margins through errors, fraud or miscalculations cause serious damage.  Not one travel agency owner in the world can afford agency deb … read more

  • Technology
  • 2019-10-25

Comms reports make good relationships better:

Staying in touch with clients is half the battle won. Our software runs reports AND alerts you on incorrect prefixes and suffixes of mobile numbers and point out inaccurate domain names of email addresses in your database of contacts.

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  • 2019-10-19

Are you looking for software that makes sales & marketing a breeze?

To All Travel Agency Owners and Managers...

Do incorrect client details loaded on your system feel like pouring rain on your hair after you walk out of the salon?
Frustrated, irritated and ready to call the Universe to order for not being on your side!

Look no further than travelcenter.africa® for a solution. … read more

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  • 2019-10-01

Creating a credit card savvy Travel Agency

To All Travel Agency Owners and Managers...

Is protecting your clients credit card data as easy as enjoying Jollof rice?

Do you get anxious using insecure payment methods that places client data at risk? Are you challenged by IATA’s PCI DSS compatibility requirements?

travelcenter.africa® software is PCI D … read more