• Travelcenter.africa
  • 2019-02-27

FlyBoku riding high with travelcenter.africa®!

In the third week of 2019, our CVO Peter Hallebach, stopped off in Lagos, Nigeria, for an implementation session of travelcenter.africa® software for one of the largest OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) in the country. FlyBoku is a branch of Ashton & Dave Travels in Lagos with offices located on Victoria Island.

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  • Technology
  • 2019-02-23

5 tips on how to maintain IT infrastructure stability for your travel business

You’re reliant on software to maintain productivity in all sections of your travel business, so down time is a scenario you can least afford!

Are you always playing the ping-pong blame game between your internet service provider and your network administrator when your internet link is the drama queen of intermittent functionality?
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