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  • Saving up to 80% time in agencies workflow (learn more)
  • Boosting cross-sales revenue
  • Automated professional reportings and auditing
  • More benefits (learn more)
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How many hours go wasted with manually adding fees and copying invoices into different systems?

How much time is spent on calculating commissions and preparing monthly reports?

The good news: In future - NONE.

With traviTec you receive a state-of-the art, end-to-end standardized travel software solution uniting front, mid and back office for results in real-time. traviTec also supports non-IATA travel agents, ITC’s and affiliates. (learn more)


Old New

new workflow

New Workflow

  • Automated processes
  • Detailed tracking
  • Automated track and trace for audits
  • Margin control managed at operational level
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old workflow

Old Workflow

  • Huge sources of error due to manual intervention
  • No detailed tracking
  • Tracing source documents for audit purposes almost impossible
  • Margin control managed haphazardly
New workflow

Old Workflow

  • Huge sources of error due to human error
  • No detail tracking
  • Trace for audit almost impossible
  • Margin control only in total, not at operation level

Survey mid and back office management

Technological automation of workflow in the African travel industry

To further keep up to date with the increasing technological needs and demands of agencies and ITCs we kindly ask you for five minutes of your time to participate in our survey on mid and back end workflow management in the travel industry.

Just click on the following link and share your views concerning technological needs with us.

The key-findings will be published in June 2021.

Thank you very much for your participation.


Please take part in our survey

Current requirements of mid and back office software for the African travel industry - innovation - automation - growth

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Preview especially for IATA agencies

Our Focus

innovation, automation, growth


Operate solely across sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) read more

  • we believe we are true African company. Our heart beats for Africa. The team understands the importance of encouraging economic stimulation in Africa; we believe in the African market with its people who drive its economy. Totally aware of African diversity and its unique needs, we embrace it, cater to it and make it a part of our business.

Are a firestarter for resolving issues related to African travel trade. read more

  • all our founder members gained valuable experience in different African markets. We have seen the problems in our industry, all over the continent, with our own eyes.
  •® has the vibe, the trust, huge amounts of knowledge plus the self-confidence to resolve the industry’s issues in a short timeframe.

…to schedule a demo of the software on our easy-to-use video conferencing tool.

Our Solution

travel agents & affiliates/ITC’s

We offer…

State-of-the-art, end-to-end standardized travel software solution for the travel industry, turning any travel business into a well-oiled machine read more

  • online and mobile friendly solutions for travel agents – for B2C, B2B2C
  • dashboard for a real-time overview of your business, with continuous improvement moulded to your needs
  • full reporting capability
  • an affiliate front office solution to support non-IATA travel agents and affiliates/ITC’s (independent travel consultants), seamlessly integrated to host agent's mid and back office
    • added benefit: no GDS training required

16/7 software and functional support read more

  • our service center in Mauritius is ready to assist you whenever problems arise. Our team is your partner for addressing queries, daily issue handling or adapting to changes in workflow

General Client Benefits

Leapfrog your travel trade technology through read more

  • Flexible integrated modules that are able to connect to existing front office tools
    • seamlessly integrating all three major GDS (Sabre, Travelport, Amadeus) into the our mid and the back office
    • front office booking tool for flights, cars, hotels, etc.
    • front office flight tool integrates low cost carrier and Non IATA airlines within the same display
    • easy integration to existing travel trade front mid & back office solutions/online booking
    • local content integration capability (i.e. insurances)

Automated dashboard real time reporting tool read more

  • to assist with accurate management decisions
  • flexible, customisable reporting capability
  • graphic display tools
  • real-time quality management features
  • able to track Travel consultants’ performance
  • tool to enforce “cross-selling” and increase sales and income
  • travel agencies remain in full control of all accounting transactions through the system
  • messaging tool for all travel consultants including “read/acknowledged” function

Software is PCI DSS compliant read more

  • Let’s stay honest: Most of you have opted out of the IATA credit card facility because you have no systems in place which is PCI DSS ready, with monster-effects on guarantees or insurance solutions. With®, you are ready for the future!
    • IATA agents! Do you know what this means? By using our system you are IATA-ready to accept Credit Cards, an increasingly used payment method!
    • noncompliant travel agencies will be assisted to reach PCI DSS compliance status, enabling credit card payment for travel agency customers, through IATA

Improved taxation justification read more

  • using the® system, all transactions are produced seamlessly, no media break, no manual interventions and no human error
  • you can trace (and prove) all transactions from the very beginning down to your balance sheet. Your auditor costs will be pulverized. Your ratio between front and back office cost will change fundamentally
  • your local TA will love our system; they will see you as the most modern participant in your local market

Web based software solution read more

  • allowing access from anywhere
  • remote set-up, deployment & maintenance
  • allowing workplace flexibility which reduces stress
  • eliminates data loss through hardware failure, internet outage, electricity outage and fire

Remote access allowing mobile workplace read more

  • no huge hardware investment;® operates on very basic IT infrastructure and hardware
  • we do not require you to buy and operate any kind of server
  • {® only requires internet access
  • hardware simply needs to be able to display webpages
  • but your device will have access to your business and your customers; everywhere; 16/7

Reliable support read more

  • Online and offline system training
    • we can conduct the training online via our web conferencing tool or in your office; tailor-made as per your expectations
  • 16/7 technical & functional support center
    • our service center in Mauritius is ready to assist you whenever problems arise. Our team is your partner for addressing queries, daily issue handling or adapting to changes in workflow

Cost saving read more

  • No call-out fee for support – web based
    • our support center can be reached via the usual web applications, like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and Duo. Additionally, our video conferencing system allows screen sharing

We operate under stringent European data protection laws read more

  • you may think – who cares?? Please, investigate the near future and you will see that data protection is something which is on the horizon in Africa today. Think about the IATA PCI-DSS discussion and you will understand – data protection is knocking on Africa’s door. With®, you are prepared for the future

Travel Agents Benefits

Automation of read more

  • invoices / receipts / credit notes
  • full accounting functionality
  • reporting at any stage in the system process
  • automated BSP reconciliation
  • automated bank statement import (MT940) – a release from manual data capturing and checking

Fraud prevention tool which read more

  • secures tracing in accounting processes resulting in a massive decrease in auditors’ costs
  • facilitates fraud reduction by ensuring that every transaction is monitored and traceable
  • provides features and algorithms to prevent fraud situations we are aware of
  • supports a “Report a fraud scenario”; a feature making sure that anti-fraud algorithms are continuously being re-developed

Benefits of automation read more

  • ensuring accurate data
  • increasing efficiencies and saving time
  • eliminates all related accounting back log

Once on board with® system, you are assured of an add on, stand-alone affiliate module read more

  • our ITC/affiliate module sorts out a bunch of problems. Affiliates do not need to call head office any longer as they can produce the bookings themselves, controlled and limited by a wallet, which is under head office control. The complete relation with the affiliates will be simplified

Affiliates/ITC’s Benefits

A mobile and web-based system for affiliates (ITC’s), seamlessly integrating into the IATA travel agent’s system read more

  •® is totally aware of how your business operates; our booking features i.e. front office solutions, are ready for your mobile devices. Phone calls to the host agent is no longer needed, just do the bookings on your own – and if your wallet is filled, this will release an immediate confirmation

A streamlined front office solution, integrating seamlessly to host agent mid and back office read more

  • a huge portion of the market sales is driven by you; the ITCs / affiliates! ITC’s are important but are challenged at the same time. Bookings are mostly done calling the host agent via phone, which increases your admin workload and in turn host agent staff are not able to concentrate on their own customers as required
    Let’s stop this!
  • using our systems, ITC’s / affiliates will use online booking tools for all major services, which is controlled by the assigned digital wallet Ask us for a demo!

Empowering affiliates with full IATA agent functionality: read more

  • linked to an IATA host travel agent with better visibility of pricing and commissions
  • real-time bookable access to airlines, hotels, car etc. on a mobile or web-based system
  • eWallet to manage real time payment, accepting all forms of payment including cash
  • automated e-ticketing and customer invoice after full payment
  • full back office functionality automated through the host travel agent
  • full reporting functionality on the eWallet including commission tracking
  • easy access to commissions through the eWallet, allowing the affiliate to withdraw their earnings real time
  • the Affiliate will be provided with full support and training

An add on, stand-alone, affiliate module

Benefits read more

  • backed by an IATA host agent to support the affiliates
  • full support and training including the system
  • complete visibility of all transactions done by the affiliate
  • mobile friendly and accessible from anywhere 16/7
  • improved professionality, can function like an IATA agent
  • eWallet to manage all types of payment and access to reporting
  • easy access to commissions through the eWallet, allowing the affiliate to withdraw their earnings real time
  • real time commission tracking and easy access to earnings

Our Partners and Clients

Fly Boku

Abiola Lawal: CEO of in Nigeria declared this about® services:
“This software is a game changer to our business model!”

Corporate Social Responsibility

products made by Africans for Africans
read more

Our mantra is growth. We would encourage this concept in every area we touch. People development is our current focus. The Travel Innovation Development Hub will provide many talented, aspiring IT programmers the opportunity to learn and grow in the IT and travel industry.® believes in knowledge sharing and skills transfer in the community it operates in, which parallels perfectly with black empowerment initiatives promoted in Africa. Aligned to this philosophy, we have created a virtual Travel Innovation Development Hub across sub-Saharan Africa. The hub will have two main purposes:

  • To expose local youth across the region to software development in the travel industry, with the view of training and supporting local young entrepreneurs.
  • Use the hub and the diverse youth to create innovative travel software solutions to meet the unique requirements of travel in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • If any of the developments created by these trainees can be commercialized,® will roll the software out to its customers and remunerate the young developer through this process.

This virtual hub will give an opportunity to young, ambitious local individuals across the region who are looking to get started in the travel software development arena, giving Sub Saharan Africa the opportunity to creatively resolve their own travel problems across the region

Our Amazing Team

...clever minds from different areas.

The core® technical team hails from extensive African and European travel technology experience, ensuring first class customization, configuration and support know-how for all software solutions; enabling the customization, implementation and support of® solutions.

Peter Long

♰ Peter Long

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

It is with deep regret that we advise of the passing away of Peter Long ... read more

Peter Hallebach

Peter Hallebach

Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) & Founder

A 3rd generation travel agent, with extensive work experience in Africa ... read more

Robert Ambroise

Robert Ambroise

Managing Director & Cultural Advisor

Graduated from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK, Robert started his career ... read more

Immanuel Banza

Immanuel Banza

Director Key Accounts

With over 30 years travel industry experience, 20 of which were dedicated to team training ... read more

Siegfried Mayer

Siegfried Mayer

Chief Development Officer (CDO)

Our Chief Technology Officer has lived and worked in several sub-Saharan African countries ... read more

Sylvia Mayer

Sylvia Mayer

Chief Design Officer (CDO)

We rely on Sylvia’s design expertise to create optical magic. As a 15-year professional ... read more

Our Heart & Mind

Transforming the African Travel Industry using technology.

Our Mission
read more

At®, we use sophisticated travel technology to create a travel retail environment across Sub Saharan Africa that provides business efficiencies to our customers and a new, cutting edge experience for travel agency customers.

Our Vision
read more® software will close the technology gap between travel trade in the rest of the world and Africa, enhancing cost efficiency and business effectiveness by providing travel agents with tools to thrive under strong international pressure and online competition – always driven by people with extensive knowledge about our SSA customers.

Our Values

read more

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