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  • 2019-09-03

Reduce the total cost of ownership, increase your sales activities!

Your Travel Agency can reduce overall business expenses, increase sales activities and improve revenue through travelcenter.africa®’s software.

One of the problems faced by all African travel agencies is that accountants can never accurately identify the latest monthly profits due to manual processes resulting in ticketing errors, agency debit and credit memos, followed by incorrect agent commissions.  Endless amount of administration time is spent on arduous reconciliation of these errors.

travelcenter.africa®’s algorithms PREVENT these problems!  Our air ticket validation functionality links ticketing information to your airline contracts and the respective ticketing instructions; in case the information does not match, the consultant and the line manager will be notified – live!. The ticket can be cancelled, and as a logical consequence, the ADM has been avoided.  Accurate online allocation of the ticket booked, to the invoice issued and payment made, is automated and *guaranteed.

The benefits don’t end here.  When error correction administration time is dramatically reduced, there is exponentially more time for consultants to sell additional travel packages!

Not only do you pay off your software cost through reducing your expenses, you simultaneously increase your sales activities!

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* guarantee based on travelcenter.africa® terms and conditions.