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Easy Sale, Easy Customer Care

As a Travel Agency Manager, the standard challenge Peter faced, along with other industry leaders, revolved around revenue growth.  The solution involved more air ticket sales.  A limited and competitive market did not produce the required growth.

Peter eventually found the solution as a founder member of travelcenter.africa® software!  One of the many features is an enforcement tool which prompts “cross-selling” and encourages sales, resulting in additional income (in case the travel agency management is in agreement with this idea).

Travel Agency Managers can take advantage of this huge opportunity!

Simply put; after air tickets are sold, travel consultants have the opportunity to immediately maximise the additional selling opportunity for accommodation, car hire and insurance, supported by travelcenter.africa®‘s sales prompt feature.


  • travelcenter.africa® provides a tool to change the travel agency environment.  We offer business owners technical features to reign in additional income and create a win-win-situation between customers and travel agencies.
  • Customer service is honed to perfection, without training, resulting in a conveniant, speedy, friendly offering.


For a win-win-win scenario, agencies are now able to create a sales commission environment, changing consultant into sales people!

Easy sale, easy customer care!  All the time, everytime.

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