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  • 2019-07-25

Would you like to reduce risk and take back your revenue?

Would you like to reduce risk and take back your revenue?

Peter managed travel agencies in Zambia, Mauritius and Nigeria for a number of years. Common to many agencies across the continent, he experienced a lack of automation and obsolete manual processes resulting in reduced revenue.

Why? – He faced a high error rate.

Peter realized the introduction of travelcenter.africa® software would revolutionise sub-Saharan African travel agencies.

Not only does our software offer process efficiencies, our Quality Management features are a multi-level organizational warning system across front, mid and back office.  Notifications, warnings and programmed accounting parameters help agents avoid mistakes and reach accounting compliance.

Our air ticket validation system will eliminate unforced ticketing errors, avoid Agent Debit Memo’s and make sure agents enter the correct commissions. This will result in improved income generation for travel agencies.

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