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  • 2019-06-24

The logic for travelcenter.africa®’s end-to-end solution

Let‘s verify last week’s statement that travelcenter.africa® is able to solve travel agency problems, with a sample of our solution offering.

Front Office:

Problem: A complex, detailed system of codes to remember; a cryptic, DOS based interface to master.  Manual financial processes result in lost source documents or are attributed to incorrect transactions.

Solution: Our front office solutions are GUI interfaced! An intuitive, easy to understand system which interfaces automatically with all three major GDS’s.  We boast direct access to GDS booking and ticketing.  No GDS training required!  Additionally, our system AUTOMATES the ticketing, invoicing and itinerary scheduling process.  Source documents are digitised and always linked to the correct transactions!

Mid & Back Office: Bookkeeping & Financials:

Problem: A long, manual, bank settlement plan recon must ensue.  The manual management of open debts is an extra burden on your business and results in high fraud risk.

Solution: travelcenter.africa®’s front, mid and back office are seamlessly integrated, resulting in:

  • Automated printed or emailed statements
  • Automated bank statement imports (MT940)
  • Automated BSP recon
  • All other invoices automatically uploaded to the system
  • Automated suggestion list
  • Automated chart of accounts pre-filled
  • Profit & Loss statements always available online
  • Tracing bookings always available online

If you think the automation results in lack of data control, you are wrong.  Travel agencies remain in full control of all accounting transactions throughout the system.


Problem: Data intelligence for reporting and CRM purposes from source documents is a difficult, manual extraction process.

Solution: Because source documents are digitised and 100% linked to correct transactions, the dasboard functionality is able to instantly pull through this data for various reports, helping you make management decisions based on real-time information.  Imperitive for business advantage!

Tune in next week where we’ll be highlighting benefits around fraud reduction and other business efficiencies.

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