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  • 2019-06-11

We understand the difficulties your agency faces managing a business in the Travel Industry...

...and we can help you solve them!

We know training can be difficult for travel agents. A complex, detailed system of codes to remember; a cryptic, DOS based interface to master. Invoicing, receipting and reporting is a semi-manual to manual process, and as a result, source documents are lost or attributed to incorrect transactions.

At best, source documents are filed, but the data intelligence for reporting and CRM purposes from this information is a difficult, manual extraction process.

Additionally, agencies mid and back office system are not integrated.  Another long, manual, bank settlement plan recon must ensue.  The manual management of open debts is an extra burden on your business and results in a high fraud risk.

As a result, more resources need to be ploughed into agency back office functions instead of selling air tickets, accommodation space and tour packages.

We know building and maintaining an IT infrastructure for system ready status can be a costly exercise.

You believe there are no IT-solutions for “cross-selling” initiatives to increase profit margins.

You believe there are no IT-solutions for incentive models to turn agents into meaningful sales people (because they are not really selling at the moment).

While you wait for next week’s newsletter which outlines how we help resolve these issues, read 3/6/19 travelcenter.africa® Newsletter for a taste of how you will benefit from our services.  Or even better, get in touch with us here  or WhatsApp us on +230 57 85 35 39 to book a discussion.

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