• Travelcenter.africa
  • 2019-02-27

FlyBoku riding high with travelcenter.africa®!

In the third week of 2019, our CVO Peter Hallebach, stopped off in Lagos, Nigeria, for an implementation session of travelcenter.africa® software for one of the largest OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) in the country. FlyBoku is a branch of Ashton & Dave Travels in Lagos with offices located on Victoria Island.

The workshop took place for two full days and covered a full process analysis.  The question on how processes would be eased and shortened by using the travelcenter.africa® software, the impact of interfaces like MT940 (automated bank statement upload with no manual input), the full GDS integration (in FlyBoku’s case, Amadeus) and the effect on accounting by using the travelcenter.africa® automated BSP reconciliation tool were addressed.

Interestingly enough, all attendees, regardless of whether travel clerks, accountants or managers, were able to see the effect of our software on their business.  They were excited to see how much easier their responsibilities would unfold with travelcenter.africa® as FlyBoku’s software solution.  In general, the conclusion was that in the future everybody will have much more time for the most important part of the process: the customer.

Mr. Abiola Lawal, FlyBoku’s CEO said after the workshop: “The travelcenter.africa® software is a gamer changer to our business model!”

travelcenter.africa® is thrilled to partner with FlyBoku to jumpstart their travel software to the 21st Century!

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