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  • 2019-11-14

Do digital payment platforms cause you anxiety?

We have partnerships to benefit you!

Do payment platforms you deal with struggle with the currency of your choice?

Eroding your profit margins through errors, fraud or miscalculations cause serious damage.  Not one travel agency owner in the world can afford agency debit memos on a monthly basis.Are cross border payments a pain to process?

Do you wring your hands in fear of fraudulent transactions occurring against your business in the name of technological advancement?

travelcenter.africa® recognizes the struggles the Sub-Sahara African travel industry faces with digital transactions.  That’s why we’ve made a plan for you!

We have the pleasure to inform the travel industry that all travelcenter.africa®’s customers will have the best digital payment platform deal with Direct Payment Online (DPO) as:

  • DPO will onboard all travelcenter.africa® customers as merchants, automatically, no vetting process required,
  • Our merchants will be able to accept all forms of payments from their customers through the DPO system, which includes card payments, Mobile money, QR and E-wallets,
  • travelcenter.africa® payments from and to merchants are free of admin fees on the DPO Xpay-In platform.

This is convenience and cost saving at its best!  travelcenter.africa® is heading for the stars with DPO leading the way!

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