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  • 2019-09-17

Discover a “no-brainer” advantage for your travel agency with travelcenter.africa(R)

To All Travel Agency Owners and Managers...

Are you so engrossed in your day to day operations that long term activities are all but forgotten?

With travelcenter.africa®functionality, you won’t run around trying to renew airline contracts at the last minute.

Our system alerts you when your airline contracts end.  Agency owners and managers can set their own alerts, per airline, before the end date, whenever they decide.

You will be reminded to kick start your negotiation process in advance, flanked with all the statistics you need.  You will no longer be blind.  With time on your side and data in hand, you are able to apply your mind to a schedule for this exercise, involve your management team in constructing the best deal for your Agency, and plan how to approach airlines or your consortia group with a well thought through proposal.

This strategic planning timetable can only improve your margins, and travelcenter.africa® can help you achieve it! This is a “no-brainer“ advantage for your Travel Agency!

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