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  • 2019-10-01

Creating a credit card savvy Travel Agency

To All Travel Agency Owners and Managers...

Is protecting your clients credit card data as easy as enjoying Jollof rice?

Do you get anxious using insecure payment methods that places client data at risk? Are you challenged by IATA’s PCI DSS compatibility requirements?

travelcenter.africa® software is PCI DSS compliant! Now you can opt into the IATA credit card facility! Travellers will pay immediately when booking straight to the airline, whether in person or at a remote location AND their data will be totally secure. The convenience created for both you and your client future proofs your business. One less travelling risk for you and your client.

Adopting our software creates data security and instant revenue for Travel Agencies!

Affiliates are not forgotten. travelcenter.africa® will automatically take you to PCI DSS compliance status.

Being credit card savvy couldn’t be more easy.

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